Company: SuiteDB (Almost fully remote due to COVID-19)

8 months (Feb 2020 - Oct 2020)

    SuiteDB is a company that also works with NetSuite, my responsibilities were very similar to the ones I had in Tavano Team.

Company: Tavano Team (Remote twice a week)

4 years (2015 - 2019)

    Working in Tavano Team was an excellent experience that challenged me to take my web design knowledge and skills to the next level. I had the amazing opportunity to learn NetSuite, one of the most important CRM platforms in the world of Ecommerce worldwide.

  • Implement a new Theme (template), within NetSuite, that would be used to redesign the entire website, while the current one remains published without suffering any unwanted changes.
  • Modify all the styles of the site, based on the aesthetic guidelines defined by the client.
  • Investigate functionalities and integrate them into NetSuite so that they work correctly alongside existing functionalities and NetSuite's default code.
  • Create and / or modify as the case may be, design elements (modify logo, banners, sliders, images, sections) following the same aesthetic guidelines already present in the corporate image of the company, and change them for others, while the site is live, in production.
  • Code simple Frontend scripts so that the visual structure is maintained regardless of what content is populated on NetSuite's backend.

Company: Solcre Technology Solutions (Very flexible, remote when needed)

2 years (2013 - 2014)
  • Validation of HTML and CSS Code and finding errors.
  • Use of templates to create website according to customer needs. Use the CMS developed by the company called Columnis.
  • Basic programming with Javascript and jQuery. Debugging errors in scripts.



Simple App for Recruiters. You can access all candidates information from one place, contact them directly from the App, mark the best candidates, schedule and keep track of interviews.

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Custom Wordpress Theme

Simple one page Custom Wordpress Theme created from a JPG image.

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